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Paterson data shows overall crime dropped 5-percent in 2019

By Jayed Rahman
Published: January 21, 2020


Although murder rates dramatically increased, overall crime in Paterson dropped five-percent in 2019, according to police data.

Data shows 259 fewer crime incidents last year. Police registered 4,383 incidents in 2019, down from 4,642 in 2018, according to the Uniform Crime Report statistics. Drops were registered in three of the eight crime categories reported to the New Jersey State Police.

Larcenies decreased from 2,320 to 1,821, a 21-percent drop. Robberies dropped from 532 to 464, nearly 13-percent decrease. Motor vehicle thefts decreased from 441 to 375, a 15-percent drop. Other five crime categories increased in 2019.

Homicides increased from 13 to 19; rapes increased from 49 to 52; aggravated assaults increased from 482 to 684; burglaries increased from 797 to 947; and Arson increased from 8 to 21, according to police data.

Municipal officials earlier in the month said the murder rate increase in 2019 was an anomaly. In 2018 there was a 50-percent drop in homicides, but in 2019 there was a 50-percent increase.

Non-fatal shootings increased by 21-percent in 2019. There were 75 non-fatal shootings in 2019, up from 62 in 2018, according to a compilation of incidents made public by police and county prosecutor.

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