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Paterson seniors get care packages with masks, water, toilet paper rolls

By Jayed Rahman
Published: April 7, 2020


A surgical mask. A roll of paper towel. Napkins. A bottle of water. And two toilet paper rolls. All inside of a care package was distributed to 283 seniors on Tuesday morning.

“Growing up in this community, and operating a long-time family-run business in the community, we know how critical it is to give back to our neighbors and customers during times of crisis,” said Aiman Muheisen of M. P. Plastics.

M. P. Plastics prepared the care packages for distribution to seniors at the Joseph Masiello Senior Residence on Atlantic Street and the Maurice J. Brick Residence on Dey Street. 188 packages were given to seniors at the Masiello complex and 95 at the Brick apartments.

“We can’t forget our seniors,” said councilman Al Abdelaziz. He said the Muheisen family contacted him seeking to distribute supplies to the community amid the coronavirus pandemic. “They said they wanted to give back – they wanted to help out. Right away I thought of our seniors, they are the most vulnerable.”

Abdelaziz suggested distributing the supplies to the two senior buildings in the 6th Ward. He said the packages will allow seniors to skip the risky trips to the store. Two weeks earlier, Abdelaziz facilitated the distribution of masks at both senior buildings.

When asked what’s the cost for each of the care packages, Wael Muheisen said, “We don’t put a value on the items we’re giving back to the community.”

“It’s priceless. Giving to the community is priceless,” interjected Aiman Muheisen.

Seniors expressed their gratitude to the family.

“It’s hard to find about now. We can’t find them on the shelves. All the shelves are empty,” said William Wilson, 63, speaking of toilet papers. He has lived at the Masiello complex for three years.

Wilson said he worked for a company that made masks. Now, he can’t even find one. He said life at the senior complex has been severely disrupted by the virus. Bingo games, community dinners, barbecues, dances, and the fish fry events at the community room have ceased, he said.

“I stay in the house and just watch TV and play video games,” said Wilson. “I can’t go visit neighbors.”

M. P. Plastics has been in Paterson for 30 years. The business mostly provides wholesale plastic and paper goods to restaurants. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the family has opened up to sale to consumers. Supplies donated to seniors can be purchased at the M. P. Plastics’ warehouse on Guild Avenue.

Senior Care Packages

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