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Paterson: Goow endorses Khalique for 2nd Ward

By Jayed Rahman
Published: May 1, 2020


Former longtime councilman Aslon Goow has put his support behind incumbent Shahin Khalique on Friday afternoon.

“I think he is the best guy for the job. He votes against tax increases. He is not a yes-man for the mayor,” said Goow.

Khalique has voted against budgets that contained property tax increases since taking office.

“It’s a huge endorsement. I’m honored to have councilman Goow’s support for my re-election. When he was in office, he always looked out for taxpayers,” said Khalique. “Following in his footsteps is not easy.”

Both men met to discuss their visions for the 2nd Ward. Khalique. Khalique said he agreed with most of the former councilman’s ideas for the 2nd Ward.

Goow, a three-term former councilman, has a loyal base of voters in the 2nd Ward.

Khalique is facing two opponents — former councilman Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman and Frank Filippelli — in the race.

Khalique’s main rival, Akhtaruzzaman, declined to comment on Friday. Akhtaruzzaman has received the endorsement of mayor Andre Sayegh.

Both Khalique and Akhtaruzzaman sought Goow’s endorsement. Filippelli did not, said the former councilman.

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