Paterson shooting suspect caught after car chase | Paterson Times

Paterson shooting suspect caught after car chase


A shooting suspect was arrested on Friday after he led police on a car chase, according to the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office.

Alex Nieves, 22-year-old, of Paterson, has been charged with attempted murder, unlawful possession of a handgun, and possession of a handgun for an unlawful purpose.

Police observed Nieves driving a car on Totowa Avenue at around 7:55 p.m. on Friday. Police tried to stop him, but he fled in the vehicle and crashed on East Main Street.

Nieves was ultimately stopped and found with drugs. He is accused of shooting a 28-year-old Paterson man in the area of Rosa Parks Boulevard on December 5, 2019, authorities said. Police identified him as the alleged shooter following an investigation into the incident.

Nieves faces a maximum of 20 years in state prison on the attempted murder offense alone. Prosecutors have filed a motion for pre-trial detention, authorities said.

  • keymaker

    Someone in Paterson should start a go fund me account to get Paterson police new cars for real. I really don’t know how they’re able to chase people with all those Hoopties they got, some look like they’re falling apart for real.

    • Antichrist

      Let me get this right… You want the working class to donate to the police force so they can purchase faster vehicles. LOL. Why should people donate their hard earned money. The police should use the drug money that was seized to buy their shit. Cmon now. What happens to all that money they sieze. They should go hard on these drug dealers to they buy their vehicles.

      • keymaker

        Well Not necessarily faster but something that will at least will pass a DMV inspection. Dude have you seen the vehicles the city uses? They’re literally falling apart. I have been in a lot of places in the country and haven’t seen nothing like it.

  • Antichrist

    Its hard to imagine a 22 year in such circumstance. Stay in school kids or else youll end up like him.

  • John

    Sentence him and then deport him after 20 years.

  • John

    most Paterson police cars are fairly new. Problem is the Liberal Socialist leftest Democrat mentality

    • keymaker

      New from when 2003? Wonder where the destine for these types of things went.

  • John

    This thing looks like it came out of the sewer.

  • Vindicated

    Shoot the varmint!