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Sayegh’s controversial One Paterson group holding $1,000 per person fundraiser

By Jayed Rahman
Published: June 23, 2020


Mayor Andre Sayegh’s controversial One Paterson group is hosting a $1,000 per person fundraiser in Wayne next month.

Sayegh’s group is holding the outdoor cocktail reception with cigar and music at the North Jersey Country Club on July 16, according to a flyer and reservation form sent to potential donors.

Fundraiser is for “honoring” Sayegh, who became mayor of Paterson in 2018 following a landslide victory over his five opponents.

Attendees can give $1,000 to be a co-host or $2,500 to be a host.

Fundraiser is being hosted amid the coronavirus pandemic. Both the venue and the organization will put in place measures to ensure the safety of attendees.

“We’re going to practice social distancing the way everybody else is, the way the venue requires it. So, it’s all been vetted through restaurant protocols,” said William Pascrell, III, president of One Paterson.

Pascrell is the son of Rep. Bill Pascrell.

According to its mission statement, One Paterson “seeks to enhance the quality of life for all who live, work and play in our city. Working with our neighbors, local businesses, the Mayor, his administration and the City Council, OnePaterson strives to create a vision for a safe, thriving, and prosperous Paterson.”

Sayegh has refused to disclose who is giving to his nonprofit organization. He has said the board of One Paterson has voted not to disclose names of donors. Some of his critics have used the lack of disclosure to assert some firms that are receiving business from the municipal government may be giving to the mayor’s organization.

A local pay-to-play law bars businesses seeking professional contracts from making a reportable contribution to the mayor or council members campaigns. However, those businesses can donate to the mayor’s group without the risk of losing municipal business.

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