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Paterson student viciously attacked teacher with baseball bat, says lawsuit

By Jayed Rahman
Published: September 2, 2020


A teacher dispatched to the home of a suspended student to provide tutoring and bedside instructions became the victim of a “vicious assault” with a baseball bat, according to a lawsuit filed in New Jersey Superior Court.

Olanrewaju Alade, who teaches at the Great Falls Academy, an alternative school for troubled students, sued the district on Monday.

“Plaintiff was assigned by Defendants to go to a student’s residence for the purpose of tutoring. Plaintiff was not given any notice, warning, nor information as to the student’s predisposition to violence as well as, the reason for the student being suspended from school,” states the lawsuit, which names the district, superintendent Eileen Shafer, principal Zatiti Moody, and coordinator for home instruction Sabrina Gerald. “While at the residence, Plaintiff Olanrewaju Alade was the victim of a vicious assault by the student with a baseball bat.”

Moody serves as the principal of the Great Falls Academy.

Alade suffered “severe injuries.” Some of the injuries are “permanent,” says the lawsuit. He incurred medical expenses for treatment following the attack.

The lawsuit states district and school officials “knew or should have known” Alade was “walking into a dangerous situation, without warning, training or awareness” on May 24, 2019, date of the alleged assault.

Alade, who has worked for the Paterson school district for 21 years, is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.

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