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Paterson man takes exception to ex-councilman McKoy’s debate comments

By To the Editor
Published: October 22, 2020


I would like to clear my name from the horrible remarks ex-councilman William McKoy made about my family on October 9, 2020 during the 3rd Ward council debate on television. There was never a time anyone of my children were homeless or going to be homeless. You are lying, Mr. McKoy.

After my daughter gave up her apartment because she wasn’t getting any help from her baby father, who is McKoy’s youngest son, she decided to move back home with her young baby. The baby-father slowly moved in also and lived in my house for over four years rent free, and he show me no respect and would take my family business on the street.

So, I spoke to my wife and daughter numerous times about his behavior and what I’m hearing on the street. If he doesn’t stop, he should leave, but he wouldn’t leave, so I told my wife I was going to give up my house because of that and I did. So, he went to his father to find him a place to live. I told my daughter when we had to move out of the house. So, Bill McKoygave them the attic of 135 Carbon Street. He charged my daughter $600 per month for rent. I found the rent receipts with Mr. McKoy’s signature in her car. I asked her about it. I was very upset. I didn’t charge his son and he is charging my daughter. So, she began looking for a new apartment.

My main reason for exposing Bill McKoy renting an illegal attic was because he vehemently opposed and denounced the very idea of legalizing renting basements and attics in Paterson during the debate on October 6, 2020. I felt I had the right to as a longtime resident and homeowner in Paterson to make a complaint to Alex Mendez to inform the building department of Mr. McKoy’s conduct.

Mr. McKoy is a lawmaker who writes legislations that carry fines and penalties. He’s breaking those same laws and has been getting away with it for years because of his position as councilman. That’s abusing his power. Now that’s despicable, repugnant and above all deceiving the public trust. As a landlord and a father, I think that is the action of a disingenuous and insidious person.

Mr. McKoy should issue a public apology to me and my daughter for his words that I should be ashamed of myself and my daughter was going to be homeless. It’s Mr. McKoy who need to be ashamed of himself. And my daughter who holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in criminal justice, and has a whole bunch of family members who love her dearly. There’s no way she could be homeless.

It’s your son who should be ashamed of himself who couldn’t provide for his family.

Now I feel like I’m being harassed by the city building department. Three days after they went to inspect Mr. McKoy’s house they sent an inspector to my house with a different sticker on my back and front doors threatening if I didn’t get back to them ASAP, I would be issued a summons. I felt like I was being targeted because I see something and say something about a public official. Then after I called and got the inspector’s answering service, I left a message asking why I’m being threatened with a summons sticker and Mr. McKoy wasn’t. No one returned my call.

Mr. David Gilmore is a strong supporter of Mr. McKoy and the supervisor for inspector J. Castro, who visited my house. I want to know who made a complaint about my house at the same time J. Castro was inspecting Mr. McKoy house. Mr. Gilmore knows me very well. He knows I always exercise my civil rights to speak freely and I’m very opinionated. I strongly believe that a person must say what they mean and mean what they say. I feel like I’m being harassed, discriminated against and I want answers. I’m fed up with Paterson and its high taxes and low quality of life. I might sell and move out like other disgusted residents. I know the inspector is just doing his job. Mr. McKoy and friends please stop trying to scare my daughter because it won’t work. You are the ones breaking the laws you implemented. Hope you welcome the truth. Let’s not become mortal enemies. You always talk about honesty and integrity.

Written by Keith Watson.

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