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Coronavirus cases in Paterson have been jumping over past three days

By Jayed Rahman
Published: October 28, 2020


After flattening the curve over the past four months, Paterson has been seeing a surge in new coronavirus cases.

Data shows an average of 48 positive cases per day over the past three days, highest daily figures since mid-June.

On Tuesday, Paterson had 46 new cases, according to municipal data.

But municipal officials have said they are better prepared for the surge of new cases than they were at the beginning of the pandemic.

“There has been a spike in the daily COVID-19 case count. Our Strike Team is on top of this with case investigations and contact tracing,” said health officer Paul Persaud on Tuesday. “Now we have added Testing on Demand and this has increased our COVID-19 fighting capabilities tremendously.”

Municipal officials prepared for the surge by increasing testing capacity last month.

Over the weekend, municipal officials targeted businesses, largely nightclubs and bars, that allowed large crowds to gather, putting the public at risk.

Mayor Andre Sayegh is expected to announce restrictions on businesses on Wednesday morning. His executive order will require all bars and restaurants to close at midnight seven days a week.

Sayegh’s restrictions are much more generous than the strict lockdown ordered in Newark, where businesses have to close at 8 p.m.

Extremely strict lockdowns often create backlash from residents and businesses.

350 people have died of Covid-19 in Paterson since the start of the pandemic.

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