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Kenneth Simmons retains Paterson school board presidency

By Jayed Rahman
Published: January 6, 2021


School board members on Wednesday night picked Kenneth Simmons, for the second time, to lead the Board of Education as president.

Simmons (left) was voted to serve as president without opposition. School board members picked Manny Martinez (right) to serve as vice president.

Both men served as president and vice president last year.

“Thank you, colleagues, once again for trusting me with this position,” said Simmons after the vote. “I look forward to, again, continuing to move the board and the district forward this year.”

Simmons and Martinez are leading a district that is no longer under state control. The New Jersey Board of Education relinquished its control earlier in the day.

Meanwhile, newly elected school board member Dania Martinez was sworn-in for a three-year term.

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