Paterson police arrest 15 in Summer Street drug bust | Paterson Times

Paterson police arrest 15 in Summer Street drug bust


The police arrested 15 people during a drug bust on Summer Street on Monday, according to public safety director Jerry Speziale.

Police arrested Ronmir Jones, 22, of Paterson; Jaquan Brown, 29, of Paterson; Jamal Carter, 22, of Paterson; Jahmel R. Vaughan, 25, of Paterson; Alim Payne, 48, of Newark; Jessica L. Thomasen, 25, of Queens, NY; Tristan Rodas, 25, of Queens, NY; David G. Lucas, 37, of Jersey City; Joshua P. Palmer, 42, of Paterson; Clayton Ransaw, 58, of Paterson; Scott Arnold, 44, of Haledon; Adam M. Garcia, 29, of Hackensack; Alexander H. Gilone Jr., 68, of North Haledon; Alain Rodriguez, 41, of Paterson; and Joseph Odonits, 51, Otisville, NY, on various drug offenses.

Police seized almost 400 glassine envelopes of heroin, a loaded .40 caliber Smith & Wesson handgun, and cash. They began investigating drug dealing on Summer Street between Broadway and Hamilton Avenue that led to a raid at 236 Summer Street.

Jones, who lives at 236 Summer Street, was charged with three weapons offenses and 26 drug offenses. Brown was also charged with the same offenses.

Carter was charged with eight drug offenses and resisting arrest by flight. Vaughan was charged with eight drug offenses.

Payne, Thomasen, Rodas, Palmer, Ransaw, Arnold, Garcia, Gilone, Rodriguez, and Odonits were charged with drug possession.

Lucas was charged with possession and distribution.

  • J. Brown.

    Round'em up.

  • HankMorgan


  • Rupert Bodkins

    Drop them in the ocean. Keep up the good work, until you get all thes rodents out of Paterson. This could be a beautiful city if you clean the filth out.

  • Lueminattibenz

    Dont forget the criminals with badges .
    Who knowingly allow friends and family .
    Members who deal drugs and use drugs themselves in the city of paterson NJ to get away with the same crimes be it drug dealing or not.

    Wrong is wrong and bad apple badges aren't exempt the kickbacks and special favors are olden day criminal behavior tactics that need to stop If the real crime in Paterson nj really wants to seize to exist.
    Malcom x warned us about those power structures be it white men or women or our own black n brown inCharge.
    who in my opinion just do what their predessors did before them and that is look out for their own personal interest lining their own pockets .
    And also dabbling in parties that involve hookers drugs cocaine to be exactt.
    And other nefarious actions.
    Clean up paterson drug dealing is over.

    • John

      Since you know 100%.about this and seem like you really care contact Attorney Generals office and notify them of everything you claim to know. Hiw are you so knowledgeable? Um

      • Mike Jone

        lol…something not right.

    • Mike Jone

      you sound suspect to me too.

  • John

    These low lives are all out by now.

  • Chino Vargas

    Good job PPD.