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All Paterson Schools Closed Monday

Paterson Public Schools will be closed on Monday October 29, 2012, “Due to the expected inclement weather,” reads the emergency announcement made by the Board of Education. District offices are also closed.


What Do I Need To Prepare For Hurricane Sandy?

A bulletin posted by Paterson’s Public Safety Director Glenn L. Brown provides residents of the city with valuable information instructing residents to tune into 1640 AM for latest updates and have the necessary food, mainly canned, and water items to last three days.

Killing Mosquitoes in Paterson

Passaic County Mosquito Control, an organization designed to cull the spread of mosquitoes, will be spraying pesticide today, Thursday, in Amity Street and North 1st Street inside Paterson.


Cleaning Up Paterson

Paterson these days is much different than it was few years ago, today there are large trash disposal containers at almost every street corner, in other words, it is much easier for residents of the city curb the temptation to litter. But, despite the trash cans positioned at prominent street corners, there are still individuals

Charity Offers Recreation For Disabled Persons

Life can be difficult for disabled adults, but there is an organization willing to make it a little easy for them as well as their caregiver. The Department for Persons with Disabilities (DPD) is a Catholic charity offering to connect disabled adults between the age of 21-39 with weekend recreational activities. Some of the activities