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More money more happiness

More money more happiness

More money does not translate into more problems as rappers would have us believe or who knows, maybe it does, but one thing is for certain: more money brings more happiness, according to a new study done by economists at the University of Michigan.

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Tax bills to hit the mailboxes after budget gets approved

Residents of Paterson have yet to receive their February tax bill, according to a local paper. The local government normally sends out the tax bill around mid-February, but last year and this year that has not happened; instead it has been postponed for March.


Lava Hookah Lounge Shuttered

A hookah smoking outfit that boasted itself as being “New Jersey’s Biggest Hookah Lounge” has shut down. Located on Montclair Avenue in South Paterson, Lava Hookah Lounge has closed its doors.

Property Revaluation Plan On Hold

Paterson City Council has rejected a plan to re-evaluate property assessments around the city, where most homes are underwater, and citizens are being taxed in a manner in which they feel, they are being cheated and bamboozled. 

City National Bank Gets Out Of Stock Listing

A new federal law, Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, has allowed small community banks to un-list themselves from the stock exchange; by delisting the banks are no longer required to disclose their financial information as is required by law for publicly traded companies.