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Labor Day Poems Singing Of Paterson’s Past

In his poem collection “organized labor: collected poems,” ┬áDaniel P. Quinn paints a portrait of the 1913 labor strike in Paterson, NJ. The strike came as a result of technological innovation in the silk industry, which allowed the owners of the silk-mills to buy high tech machines that would replace workers. In other words, where


Paterson City Hall Being Repaired

Walking in downtown Paterson, on Market Street, one sees an imposing building with a statue in front of it, and behind the statue is the entrance to the City Hall, pinned to it are large pieces of wood, giving the impression of a foreclosed house with its windows firmly kept shut by obstructing blocks of


Stamp For A Legend

Larry Doby along with Jackie Robinson, was one of the first African-American to play in the American Major League Baseball: he broke the color barrier in baseball. But, before all of that, he was a high school students in East Side High School, where he honed his baseball skills, and received recognition earning 11 varsity