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Authorities release name of man who shot at police in the Union Avenue incident

By Jonathan Greene
Published: October 18, 2014


Late Saturday afternoon, the Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office released the name of one of the actors involved in the Union Avenue shooting incident that lead to one police officer being hospitalized.

Getzmir Robinson, 22-year-old, confronted a police officer at around 1:02 a.m. on Saturday, when the officer, whose name has yet to be released, responded to calls of shots fired at the intersection of Kearney Street and Union Avenue.

Robinson, who was armed with two handguns, said chief assistant prosecutor Michael DeMarco, opened fire on the police officer.

“The officer returned fire and ultimately Robinson was taken into custody,” DeMarco said. “Paterson Police have charged Robinson with attempted murder of the officer and related weapons complaints.”

In an email to reporters on Saturday afternoon DeMarco did not release additional details about the incident.

Two or three people have been hurt in the incident. A source has said there was one male and one female victim of the shooting. A possible third victim was reported as well. Police transported two of the victims to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center while one victim made it to the hospital on private vehicle.

The responding officer who suffered injuries was also taken to the hospital. He did not sustain any major injuries, according to sources.

Robinson who has a prior arrest record from a May police sweep in the Northside is being held on an almost $1 million bail. “A bail recommendation of 750,000 FULL cash with a source hearing has been requested,” DeMarco said.

Jayed Rahman contributed to this article.

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