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Renaming Park Ave to Duarte Drive

Julio Tavarez, the councilman from 5th ward, wants to rename Park Ave into Duarte Drive. Tavarez a native of Dominican Republic wants to honor one of the founding father of his nation: Juan Pablo Duarte. But, majority of the City Council Members dislike the proposal and have little interest in letting the Fith-Ward councilman get his way. In May 2012, the Council voted on a list of criteria that were to be consulted before honorary names of streets or anything else in Paterson. American citizenship is among the list of stipulations or criteria needed for honorary street naming.

Juan Pablo Duarte was not an American citizen, he was a citizen of Dominican Republic. City Council has effectively blocked Tavarez’s proposal by introducing arbitrary conditions for naming. In New York City, there is a place called Juan Pablo Duarte Square.

It is still unclear as to what will happen, but with Dominican Parade coming next month, might result in Julio Tavarez getting his wish.