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Contribute Content

Got an opinion piece or a story to share? This is your chance, submit it here with full detail; make sure it is crisp and clear, and if you have facts be sure they can be verified by our editor.

After you submit your content, we will check for errors, factual inaccuracies, and if there is a need to edit we will do so. This is when your email comes in handy, if we need extra information or simply want to show you the article before publishing it, we will contact you, so a valid email is a must. Include your email at the end of your content; if you have pictures or images — make sure they are not copyrighted by others — include them as links at the footer of your content near your email.

We cannot publish everything, but we will do our best to ensure the most well-written and well-expressed articles are posted, so make yours is a good article if you want us to put it out-there. If you wish to become a regular contributor or hope to gather news for us, you can volunteer with us by clicking here.

All articles and opinions must be emailed to: editor(@)patersontimes.com. Please include a contact number and a name so that we may verify your identity.