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The Gifted And Talented Mr. Evans

A picture of Paterson Board of Education building

School 28 located in front of Presidential Boulevard is ranked as one of the lowest performing school in the city of Paterson — if not the lowest performing. Most student have difficult time passing standardized state exams, and the school itself is located in the 1st Ward, one of the most crime-ridden quarters of the city. But, there is a plan…

In the coming school year, Fall 2012-13, the Board of Education plans to open a separate school within the school for “gifted students”. Bright students from across the city have been invited to join the new, The Paterson Academy for the Gifted and Talented. It is difficult to affirm exactly what standards were used to judge the brightness of each students, but speculations and prudence tells us, it is most likely a combination of scores on state exams and report card grades.

Adding the annex of a new academy populated by the smartest students in the city is certainly a clever way to smoke screen a failing school; by adding a large number of students who have proven their aptitude, once the school year ends, School 28 ought no longer be a failing school or the worst performing in Paterson.

It is a clever ploy by Superintendent Donnie Evans. Certainly, when the scores are released and the school improves Mr Evans might receive an award or two.