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Religious Americans Are More Generous


Americans who affiliate themselves with a  religion are more likely to give more of their income in charity than those who identify themselves as atheist or agnostic or some other label that denotes a lack of religiosity, avers a new study from the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

States in the south, which are heavily religious,  gave more in charity according to the research which is based on Internal Revenue Service records, while states in northeast, less religious than their southern counterpart, gave less in charity.

The most generous state in the union is Utah where citizens gave 10-percent of their discretionary income in charity; the least generous state in the union is New Hampshire giving only a paltry 2.5-percent in charity. New Jersey residents gave 3.7% of their income to charity, making the Garden State one of the least generous in the United States.

Where does Paterson rank in all this? It ranks high in charity giving with 7.9 percent of household income going towards charity in Silk City. Find out where your hometown ranks by visiting the study’s website.