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Cleaning Up Paterson


Paterson these days is much different than it was few years ago, today there are large trash disposal containers at almost every street corner, in other words, it is much easier for residents of the city curb the temptation to litter. But, despite the trash cans positioned at prominent street corners, there are still individuals who toss garbage on sidewalks, on the streets, and there are even those who throw water bottles out of their car windows.

There is a lot to do, in order to change the trashing culture, into one where trash goes where it is supposed to: inside the trash can.

This is where a massive effort to clean up the city comes in called: Slam Dunk the Junk. The cleaning effort is lead by the New Jersey Clean Communities Council, a non-profit organization with a mission to, “change the attitudes that cause littering and the irresponsible handling of solid waste”.

New Jersey Clean Communities Council and the City of Paterson have joined together in an effort to clean up public spaces from litter and junk.

Clean Up Schedule:

Sept 15 – Great Falls
Sept 22 – Eastside
Sept 29 – Westside
From 8:30am-12pm

To join the clean up effort, call Diane Polifronio at (973)-321-1488.