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Aggressive American Atheists

Earlier in the year, March 2012 to be exact, American Atheist, a zealous anti-religion organization, put up billboards around Muslim neighborhoods in Paterson, that disparaged Islam, calling it a myth; at the same time it also targeted Jewish neighborhoods with the same message.

Five months has passed since that incident, and that group is at it again, but this time it is targeting the religion of both presidential candidates: Christianity and Mormonism.

This time the signs are not in New Jersey, they are in North Carolina. The billboard targeting Christians, display an insulting message that reads: “Sadistic God; Useless Savior…”; the message is similar on boards targeting Mormons.

President of American Atheist, David Silverman, said: “It’s absolutely a strategic move aimed at the convention…both of them [Charlotte, North Carolina is the sight of the 2012 Democratic National Convention]”.

The atheists wanted to put their ads in Tampa, Florida, but were unsuccessful, saying: “We are…dismayed at the bigotry that we received in Tampa when we weren’t allowed to post our views [billboards].”