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Paterson City Hall Being Repaired


Walking in downtown Paterson, on Market Street, one sees an imposing building with a statue in front of it, and behind the statue is the entrance to the City Hall, pinned to it are large pieces of wood, giving the impression of a foreclosed house with its windows firmly kept shut by obstructing blocks of wooden planks. Front entrance of the Paterson City Hall is being repaired.

While the remodeling is taking place, residents and others with city related matters, are asked to use the back entrance on Ellison Street. It has been some weeks since the boards went up, blocking the entrance — it will take a few months before the entrance is fixed.

Paterson City Hall was built in 1896 with its inspiration from, Hôtel de Ville, the city hall building in Lyon, France, and is a designated as a historic place by the National Register of Historic Places.

When a local was asked, what is happening to the City Hall, he responded, “the stairs are being repaired.”