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Paterson Man Kidnapped In Passaic

A 42-year old Paterson man was in Passaic walking about Main Avenue and Garden Street, when a van pulled up near the curb, and a group of men forced him into the van, kidnapping the 42 Paterson man, reported the Record.

Two man one from New York, Jesus Matos, 20 years old and the other from Paterson, Kelvin German, 18 years old, was arrested in connection with the kidnapping.

Upon investigation, police recovered 50,000-dollar worth of heroin, inside a house near the Eastside of Paterson; the van that was used in the kidnapping was also recovered — blood was all over the vehicle.

The kidnapped man was found in Paterson, while both kidnappers are held on large bails. Police are still seeking 2 other men in connection with the event.