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Shuffling Teachers In Paterson

A picture of Paterson Board of Education building

The Paterson school system is being re-arranged, with some school being split into two other schools — School 5 and Don Bosco — and new schools being made from old ones: Gifted and Talented Academy, as well as other changes that are reshaping the public education landscape of the city.

As these schools are changing, some teachers are unsure which school they will teaching in, coming next week. First day of school is on the 6th of September.

The district in an effort to fix the broken school system of Paterson, has been engaged in last minute shuffling of one teacher from this school and another from that school.

But, all this instability is not good; for teachers must prepare curriculum for students, and with only one week before classes start, it is highly unlikely that all teachers will have a course plan come next week.