Police Kill Man In His Home | Paterson Times

Police Kill Man In His Home

Salvador Rosario, a new immigrant from Dominican Republic, who barely spoke English, was shot and killed by a Paterson police officer, inside his home. Early morning, in front of School 5, in Redwood Ave, police surrounded the area with tapes and all. Most residents wondered what was happening.

Another newspaper, has reported that the man was in his 40s, and had 3 children.

Mr Rosario, who is mentally disturbed, locked himself inside a room with a hammer in hand; his family called the police fearing the worst. Officers arrived on the scene, and broke into the room where the man had secluded himself; an officer ordered the father of three, to drop the hammer; the man at this time made a movement with the hammer in hand which the officer perceived as hostile, and fired.

Outside the Redwood Avenue home, his anguished family members were sobbing intensely at the death of their family member.