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Jeffrey Chiesa Says NYPD Has Discontinued Spying

During the Newark meeting between high ranking officials and Muslim leaders, New Jersey Attorney General, Jeffrey Chiesa, stated the obvious, that Muslim communities are no longer being watched by New York City Police Department. When the news first came out, after take a long few months, and doing what he called an investigation, Mr Chiesa said NYPD did no wrong.

The bigwigs discussed issues such as increasing recruitment of Muslims into law enforcement;  and putting police officers and other law enforcement officials through sensitivity training.

The Attorney General, wants to return to a time before the spying scandal broke out, and destroyed the relationship between local Muslims and law enforcement, but most see the attempt as cynical and lacking in sympathy. As we have reported earlier, CAIR, the largest Muslim organization in the United States, was not even invited to the meeting, which demonstrates the cunning motives of this gathering.

The lawsuit against New York City Police Department continues forward.