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Justifying the Fence Around John F. Kennedy High School


Today was the first day of school in John F. Kennedy High School; where little do the unsuspecting freshman realize, they will spend their next 4 years, in one of the most violence prone schools of Paterson.

During the last school year 10 criminal assaults were recorded, countless many go unreported by the students involved including fights in the parking lot, and assaults in gym classes. A good number of students were arrested because they had an illicit weapon in their possession. In one harrowing incident, a group of teenagers drove a van onto school grounds armed with machete; students upon seeing the van and machete armed youths scattered, reported by a local paper.

The Board of Education, cites these violent episodes on school grounds to justify putting up a fence; as we have reported previously most residents of the 2nd ward find the fence detestable.