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Police Officer Vindicated On New Year’s Eve Shooting

A grand jury has cleared, Javier Gutierrez, a Paterson police officers, who during New Year’s Eve shot a man in the back, reported a local paper.

Jacobe Hyatt was on the  corner of Summer Street and Broadway with a gun in hand, Mr Gutierrez saw the gun, and ordered him to drop it, but the man did not, and that was when the policeman shot him. A 9mm handgun was found underneath the lifeless man. There was a crowd on that street corner that night, most of them scattered when the shot rang out.

Mr Hyatt was taken to St. Joesph’s Medical Center, and was pronounced dead. After the incident, the officer in question, was suspended with pay. The grand jury found it was justified for Mr Gutierrez to employ deadly force. And it is likely Mr Hyatt will return to work or has already done so.

The family of the deceased is likely to question the grand jury decision and may file a law suit against the city of Paterson.