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End of Paterson Press; No Longer the Alternative

A once burgeoning online newspaper has decided to sell itself out and go mainstream, no longer the alternative it once preached; the PatersonPress is no longer posting its news article on its main web site instead they are being posted on NorthJersey.com. The reason for the change is cited in an announcement written by Joe Malinconico, the editor of Paterson Press, which states the reason: “to strengthen our sustainability,” which could simply mean the news site has run out of funding.

The announcement says, this is only a temporary trial run, “we are conducting a two-week trial run,” but Paterson Times, always the skeptic, presumes the measure will be permanent¬† after 2-weeks.

Combining both news sources together and allowing users to go to one website for all their news is certainly convenient for Paterson citizens. Paterson Press has been covering the local area for only 2 years.