Hillcrest Robbers Arrested: 3 High School Boys | Paterson Times

Hillcrest Robbers Arrested: 3 High School Boys

Three youths were arrested on Monday in connection with a burglary in the Hillcrest section of Paterson, reported a local paper. The three boys, 2 of them 14-years old, and the third kid 16, are students of John F. Kennedy High School; and are likely to be freshmen based on their ages. Their names could not be released due to their status as minors.All three of them were wearing their school uniform while engaging in the mischievous mission. A resident saw the 3-boys near a burglarized home — one of them dropped a box filled with jewellery- and alerted the police.

A string of burglary took place last month in the area, as we reported; police are investigating to see if these 3 were the culprit behind last month’s wave.