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An Empty Seat

The legal battle between Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman and Aslon Goow is over: Mr Goow has bagged the victory, so what happens now to the city council seat without someone to sit on?

The city council can appoint an individual — through vote — to represent the 2nd ward until a special election is called. It is speculated that the council may appoint Mr Goow whose impressive 12-years of public service trumps all other potential candidates for appointment; Mr Akhtaruzzaman cannot be appointed, for he was removed by court order. In the coming weeks, the council will either vote in a temporary seat holder, or will wait until May of next year for the special election to put a body in the empty seat; the former is likely.

The earliest date for the special election would be May 2013. Messrs Goow and Akhtaruzzaman have indicated they would both run for the seat. In all and all, there are only two options: appoint someone to represent the 2nd ward or wait until the special election decides who gets the seat. The city council will probably do the former in haste.