A Coming Teachers’ Strike? | Paterson Times

A Coming Teachers’ Strike?

In what tantamounts to a first fire, the Paterson Education Association, a union that represents the interests of teachers in the city, has told teachers to stick to the previous contract from 2010 and avoid all extra activities and after school volunteering which good-hearted teachers engage in out of compassion and benevolence.

In a district where almost 40-percent of the students fail to graduate high school and where 1 in 2 student fails to reach proficiency standard in New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge or better known as NJ ASK, after school prodding by teachers goes a long way, but these after school lagniappe will cease to exist.

It has been well over 2 years since the last time Paterson teachers had a working contract. If the state does not step in and grant teachers of Paterson a contract, the unthinkable might have a chance; for patience can only endure for so long.

Head of PEA, Peter Tirri, said earlier today that strike is not off the table; was he hinting at a Chicago style teachers’ strike?