2nd Ward Council-Election Set For Nov. 6th | Paterson Times

2nd Ward Council-Election Set For Nov. 6th

The 2nd ward council election will take place on November 6th, 2012. Those interested in running for the special election will have to get in all their petitions by September 28,2012.

Both previous candidates: Aslon Goow and the ousted Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman, have indicated each will run for the special election.

Bangladeshis make up a large portion of the voters in the 2nd ward by disgracing Mr Akhtaruzzaman in court, in what that community perceived as nothing more than complete humiliation of one of its own, it is unlikely Mr Goow, though confident after the court fight, will get many votes from Bengalis.

Mr Akhtaruzzaman in his opportunistic manners is not viewed in any better light: his once supporters see him as dishonest and greedy which reduces the chance of him winning.

As these two characters battle each other, a third candidate should be able to sweep up the votes, and make it to 155 Market Street.

CORRECTION: We mistakenly printed the date as 7th when it was the 6th of November.