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Pondering State of Emergency In Paterson


The city council is considering whether to declare state of emergency in Paterson. Crime in the city is out of control, not a day goes by without hearing of shootings, robberies, thefts, vandalisms, and just about every other form of antisocial behavior.

This year has been one of the worst with a large number of drive-by shootings that left many dead and even more injured or wounded: a drive-by shooting left 8 wounded and one almost near death in March; another in its wake left (earlier this week 16 Sept. 2012) 2 wounded and 1 dead; in July in yet another drive-by shooting 3 were struck by bullets.

Some city officials say if a state of emergency is declared the state may provide more funding to hire and train more police officers to clamp down on the immense crime surge taking place. Others see it as a way of telling the rest of the world, “Paterson is unsafe and could cost your life if you visit.”

It appears the city is not able to control the situation as is demonstrated by the amount of human carnage, thus making outside assistance pivotal in addressing the crime problem; but at a time when Silk City with its Great Falls National Park is attempting to attract tourists it may not seem like a smart idea telling the country Paterson has a chronic crime problem: it will only scare away visitors. While simultaneously it is no brilliant idea to hide the problem as some propose and have a desire to do.

The streets of Paterson are unsafe and everything should be done to make them secure enough for residents to walk on; and every mean should be employed to do so, including seeking state assistance; hiding the problem only exacerbates it.