Overtime Pay Haunts the City | Paterson Times

Overtime Pay Haunts the City

In the summer of 2011 when Hurricane Irene struck New Jersey and Paterson was hit the hardest, some of the local officials gave themselves over-time payments, which according to law was not allowed.

The scandal broke out few months afterwards, engulfing the entire city, and shaming the mayor and his friends; most residents thought he was stealing from them.

More than 80,000 dollars was pocketed by the mayor and his staffers none of which has been returned to the city. And it is for that reason the State of New Jersey plans to cut back on aid to Paterson; it did not specify what will be reduced or by how much.

Trenton has made it clear: if the over-time money is not returned, it will reduce the amount of money Paterson receives from the state.