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State Extends Deadline for Aid Applications


Officials in Paterson could not keep up with the required state deadline for Transitional Aid, a form of financial support Trenton doles out to struggling municipalities. As a result there were worries of losing millions of dollars worth of state aid to the city. But the worries were put to rest when the state extended the deadline for the aid applications.

Paterson received roughly 50m dollars from the state in the last 2 years.

Why was the city unable to fill out a simple application form? There are certain requirements, among them is the stipulation that, the municipality in question must have a working budget, which Paterson lacks. Last Friday, city officials discussed the budget during a special hearing which amounted to little substance and even less action on getting a working budget. The main sticking point was a massive tax increase –  almost 12-percent — Mayor Jeffery Jones wanted put into the budget which resulted in the city council’s rejection of the budget. Little does Mr Jones realizes, a law passed under Chris Christie caps reckless tax increases to no more than 2-percent per a year.

Silk City is not alone in dragging its feet, City of Trenton has yet to file its application.

The new deadline gives municipalities until Friday, October 5, 2012, to turn in applications.