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A Uniform Policy

A picture of Paterson Board of Education building

Paterson schools are sending parents to a particular uniform shop located in Elmwood Park to buy exorbitantly priced school uniforms, reported a small time online paper.

Schools in Paterson adopted the uniform policy because too many students were coming into schools with flashy outfits which further influenced others to do the same. And as some officials have said, instead of learning, school time becomes a sort of “fashion show” for the pupils. It also resulted in parents spending a lot more money to buy outfits for their children to keep up the clothing arms race taking place inside classes.

The cat walk closed after students were put in uniforms, but parents’ spending excessive amount of money to buy their children clothing did not. In fact most parents were sent to a particular store located in the next town to Paterson to buy school approved clothing articles at very high prices. 5 simple shirts in a distinctive color were going for 80 dollars.

It would be prudent for the Board of Education to work out a system which provides parents with choices of where to buy uniforms. Designating a store located 9 minute drive from downtown Paterson as the only clothing shop is hardly fair; not all students have a car in their family.