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No Small Bail

Ariel Acosta, the man being charged with attempting to run over a state trooper using a vehicle, has been denied a bail reduction. The 26-year-old’s lawyer wanted the amount reduced from the present 500,000 dollars down to 100,000 or 250,000, but the judge, Marilyn C. Clark, refused.

Mr Acosta’s lawyer says her client did not know the men who confronted him were police because they were not in uniforms. And the lawyer continued, that at the scene when guns were out, her client was threatened and perceived that he was about to be robbed.

The lawyer also argued that Mr Acosta requires better medical treatment than what is available at the Passaic County Jail; for in court he appeared in a beaten up state with a black eye and bruises over his face.

The judge reasoned the defendant was a flight risk and the charges against him were great; both of which were just reasons to keep the bail at 500,000 dollars according to Ms Clark.