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Cops Receive Funding For Harley-Davidson Motorcycles


City Council approved funding to buy stylish top of the line Harley-Davidson Motorcycles for the city’s police officers, reported a tawdry newspaper. The money does not come from city taxes, but are those seized by police during drug busts and arrests.

Each bike emblazoned with police logo and equipment will cost roughly 49,000 dollars.

There are cheaper bikes on the market, however a member of the council wanted to specifically purchase American made. It is speculated the city plans to buy 12 such motorcycles.

  • Resident

    I salute our PD and FD for their service but this seems like the type of spending that got Paterson denied for aid from Gov. Christie for a state of emergency. In light of the fact that the city's vets have to have a beefsteak at the Brownstone to raise $4,000 to etch 3 of the city's own soldiers' names on the memorial on McBride (lost in action dating back as far as 2003), this seems a bit indulgent. I'm not claiming to know the laws on what seized drug money buys, but there's enough to go around as this city is laden with drug activity. Could we do better?