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Hamilton Rehabilitation Center’s Mastermind Pleads Guilty

Dr Craig Klein a suspended doctor, who once practiced in Massachusetts, where his license was suspended, came to Paterson and co-owned a chiropractic place called Hamilton Rehabilitation Center.

In MA he was charged with insurance fraud. He is in court again for insurance fraud.

Mr Klein in court with his lawyer admitted to wrong doings: filing misleading claims to insurance companies and knowingly engaging in insurance fraud. He has entered into a plea agreement which will let him off with just probation instead of 3-5 years in prison.

What did Mr Klein really do? He and others used solicitors or runners as they are called to bring in individuals who had recently been in car accidents; they would treat them, and then send a hefty bill to the insurance company all the while giving the runner a cut.

The Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office has yet to determine the total amount of money involved in the scheme. Three of the runners, were arrested just last week.

Mr Klein will be sentenced on January 11, 2013.