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Old People And Exercise

An old person sits on a sofa doing crosswords every morning, we have all witnessed this scene in real life or in the movies, their aim? To prevent brain atrophy.

A study conducted by University of Edinburgh, where Adam Smith went to school, took 691 individuals in their 70s, and scanned their brains for conspicuous signs of mental decline. In the days of yore, 1936, that same group were surveyed, and their intelligence tested by the government.

The scan showed that those who exercised, physical exercise that is, had larger brains. As people age their brain shrinks which subsequently results in intelligence decline.

Exercising seems to be imperative in preservation of a healthy brain and protect against gradual brain shrinkage. Doing crossword does no harm, but exercising may do more good.

If you are old, hit the treadmill or the gym, it’s no fun being called Dickey Small Brains.