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Taking Back 28K


The City Council has passed a resolution to garnish the paychecks of high ranking city officials, 4 of them, who took overtime payments in 2011 during the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, and have yet to return the funds even after the State said it was inappropriate. City officials, those that are high ranking are not allowed to collect over time, but are entitled only to a “base salary”.

The vote comes at a time when the State has threatened to deduct that amount, 28,000 from the city’s annual aid from Trenton.

Most have asked, if the City Council has the legal authority to garnish the wages of the 4 individuals in order to reclaim the funds; some council members doubted they did. A point that should become clear as time passes.

If the resolution stands it will take 2 years for the city to collect the aforementioned amount.