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3 Arrested Trying to Rob and Burglarize


On Wednesday a home in Preakness Avenue was sieged by 2 gunmen with masks at around 2am. The brazen robbers came armed, determined to get inside the house, and possibly take the lives of dwellers. A 3rd man was on look out.

Police received a phone call from a man inside the house; police promptly arrived at the scene and arrested two individuals: Tyreek Harrell, 18-year-old, of N. 7th Street, and Luis Wilson, the look out, 20-year-old, of N. 3rd Street.

One of the two gun men had fled the scene and went to nearby Edmund Avenue to rob a house; a passerby called the police upon seeing the burglary in progress. Police responded, and apprehended Jamar Lovett, 21-year-old, of Clinton Street.

All three men have been charged with various infractions including burglary, robbery, and gun possession.