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Muslims Celebrate Eid in Paterson


Hundreds of Muslims gathered in this dreary and slightly drizzling morning in the parking lot of St. Mary’s Church on Union Avenue; most dressed in traditional Muslim garb, while others wore hoodies and sweaters, to offer their compulsory Eid al-Adha prayer.

Eid al-Adha, a once a year holiday honoring the sacrifice of Prophet Abraham, where the patriarch, after receiving instructions from the Almighty to sacrifice his son went forth steadfastly to fulfill the command of God.

The faithful gathered in the parking lot and offered their prayers — 2 units amounting to 4 prostrations while reciting verses of the Quran and glorying Allah at every turn; some of the youths jumbled up some bits of the ritual which sounded alarms in the minds of their parents and older family members. One man, after the conclusion of the prayer scolded his teenage son for being unable to pray in the proper manner, while the more astute uncles and fathers gave disapproving looks.

Overhead, between the electrical poles were wires, upon which perched a large group of birds who after prayer repeatedly circled in the sky, leading few to say, they were sent by Allah.

When oblation came to a close, friends and families exchanged hugs, and slowly dispersed.