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Patersonians Preparing For Sandy

Patersonians are scrambling to prepare for what is being called could be the biggest storm in New Jersey’s history. As Hurricane Sandy is set to make landfall in New Jersey on Monday business owners are taking precaution as are residents.

Those who were flooded during Hurricane Irene are scouring through their basements taking out valuables so as to avoid an Irene-like loss; businesses located along the Passaic River, car repair shops mostly, are moving their cars further away from the river in fear of flooding.

Although the storm is to hit the entire state, some say the eye of the storm will be on South Jersey and the North will likely be spared with 5-10 inches of rain, which is set to cause flooding.

Paterson being located at the mouth of the Passaic River will certainly see floods, but authorities have said reservoirs in Northern New Jersey will be lowered and some flood gates will be opened to absorb some of the rainfall and possibly avoid extreme flooding.

The storm is estimated to hit around 2pm on Monday.