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Eastside Liquor Store Shutdown Ends Corner Hangout

Late at night mischievous people of all shades would congregate around a liquor store on the corner of 12th Ave and East 22nd Street, but that hive of potential crime came to an end last week: that bar was shutdown.

An image captured by Paterson Police at 11pm of the storefront shows not a single soul in sight.

Some applauded the police for closing down the shop which they saw as a nuisance to the community; some complained of closing down businesses in general, arguing that businesses create employment and prosperity without which the city would further fall into economic hardship which would promote antisocial behavior and increase crime.

One man, reflecting on his own circumstance, commented, ” The store by my house has 20+ ppl out there on a sat night”.

CORRECTION: the end quotation has been corrected.