What Do I Need To Prepare For Hurricane Sandy? | Paterson Times

What Do I Need To Prepare For Hurricane Sandy?


A bulletin posted by Paterson’s Public Safety Director Glenn L. Brown provides residents of the city with valuable information instructing residents to tune into 1640 AM for latest updates and have the necessary food, mainly canned, and water items to last three days.

Shelter for those who need it will be for city residents at International High School located at the following address: 200 Grand Street.


1. Have enough food, at least 3 days worth of it, and water, one gallon per a person per a day, that’s the standard tip from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
2. A battery powered radio because electricity is not to be relied upon; for at times trees fall on wires causing outages.
3. First aid kit, everyone should have a few at home, if not run out and get a few!
4. Flashlight with extra batteries.

There are myriad of tips to consider and take into consideration, but the above 4 should be just enough, but if you feel the need to do more check out the list at FEMA’s website.

If you find yourself inadequately prepared once the storm passes and leaves hell in its awake, and you must get out of safety to seek out help, follow the advice of Governor Chris Christie: “Tell someone where you are going…don’t just take off on your own.”