Electricity Outages Hit Paterson | Paterson Times

Electricity Outages Hit Paterson

Families across Paterson have lost power — including your correspondent –; Public Electric Service & Gas (PSE&G) says well over 40 thousand have lost power in Passaic County. We have received outage information from about 30 Patersonians from various parts of the city.

As powerful winds associated with the storm continues to batter the city more power outage is likely. We have been informed by more than 5 people, who have said after a brief loss of power their electricity was restored; more have said they have been without power since 7pm.

If you have lost electricity be-sure to contact PSE&G rather waiting for others to do so — never dial 911 due to power outage –; sometimes individuals wait for power to be restored without exerting effort which often results in the power company overlooking outages in certain neighborhoods and areas.

The more individuals call the company, the more urgency will be assigned to that specific area — everyone dislikes annoyance.

When PSE&G was called with an outage report the automatic response, after taking down the account number and name, said an investigation will be completed by Tuesday 8:30am.

To report an outage call: 1-800-436-7734.

Your correspondent is still without power it has been well over three hours.