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Plenty of Room At the Shelter


The Red Cross operated storm shelter located at the International High School on Grand Street was empty when we visited with only one person who sought and found shelter at the place.

There were staff members, about 10 of them, with a police officer on premises, and a security guard, who at first refused to let us in, but upon aiming the camera and brandishing our identification cards she reluctantly pulled someone out of the gymnasium to speak to us. The volunteers hailed from all around: Wayne, Ridgewood, Teaneck, among others.

At the gymnasium were cots, 30 of them were counted and more were being setup; it was reported by another paper that the mayor, Jeffrey Jones, had said the shelter located at the high school would be able to handle at least 800 evacuees, when we spoke to Bill Kelly, the Red Cross person in charge, he was bemused and said there is no way the gym would be able to handle 800 individuals.

When asked what would happen if the school ran out of space, Mr Kelly told us they would open more shelters in different schools. “If for whatever reason we have a lot of people, then we’ll have to open up another shelter at another building.”

Residents in need of shelter have been told to go to International High School, located at 200 Grand Street. Upon arrival take caution to use the backdoor, for the front doors are locked and will likely remain that way due to safety and security.

There are plenty of room at the place with only one resident.