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Torres Ahead With Goow and Akhtaruzzaman Following

In the unofficial result of the 2nd ward special election, Sonia Torres,wife of former Paterson mayor, is ahead of the rest with a total vote of 1,251 votes; Aslon Goow following closely with 1,108; Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman tailing with 1,006; Maidul Islam, 525; Zalal Uddin with a meager 187.

Mr Islam, expended great efforts to-procure as much votes as possible by plastering massive stop-sign shaped advertisements all over the second ward honing in on a single issue: stopping crime which fluffed up his campaign, and made it seem more immense than it really was as the votes clearly demonstrate.

Mr Uddin’s lazily conducted campaign was hardly worth the ballot name; most in the ward had little or no idea who he was, what he stood for, or what qualifications he had. When this paper called for an interview prior to the election a hazy voiced individual answered the phone, informing that Mr Uddin would call back, with no response to date.

Both newcomers have flopped miserably and with it dragged down Mr Akhtaruzzaman by eating into his base.

Provisional and mail-in ballots have yet to be counted; once the latter is counted one or the other of the candidates might see a surge.