Jose Torres, Former Mayor, Fined 17,950 | Paterson Times

Jose Torres, Former Mayor, Fined 17,950

Jose Torres, former mayor of Paterson, was fined 17,950 dollars for having irregularities in the financial reporting of his 2006 mayoral election campaign contributions.

New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission fined Mr Torres and Dorothy Korybski, his campaign treasurer, for failing to include important information about campaign contributors: “including occupation and employer information, on the 29-day preelection report, on the 11-day preelection report, and on the 20-day postelection report, and receipt of an excessive contribution relevant to the 2006 municipal election”.

Mr Torres cooperated with the State by attempting to provide missing information but did so after exhausting years of time: his last emendation attempt was in June of this year more than 2,000 days late. As a result of his cooperation says, Mr Torres, the State lessened the fine down to 14,350 dollars.

The fine must be paid by October 15, 2013.